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KBR jobs in Iraq

KBR jobs in Iraq are numerous and high-paying. In addition to salaries as high as $80,000 per year or higher, meals and lodging are often provided and the salary can be tax-exempt if the period of work is long enough. Other benefits some jobs include are airfare to the job site, well-paid vacations and lots of potential for advancement. These jobs are typically construction or reconstruction-oriented, although a wide variety of other jobs, from mechanic to technical jobs, are available. The jobs are competitive and require extensive experience, security clearance and special visas in some cases.

KBR jobs in Iraq are posted online, most of the time with the opportunity to apply for the job listed online as well. The jobs do have a higher element of danger due to the instability of the country where they are located. However, the factor of danger can make the job more appealing to some individuals and can be overlooked by others due to the numbers on the paycheck the person receives. Competing for such a job can be difficult and require a lot of persistence. Also, military background is a definite benefit to have on a resume in this situation.

Some people spend their entire lives working at KBR jobs in Iraq and similar unsettled countries. Keeping such a job means retirement is an option at a much earlier age. However, a down side linked to that is high stress situations such as working in unsettled countries can make early retirement a necessity due to the effects on an individual's health. Despite these factors, however, the number of people hoping to acquire a position in these circumstances is high. The potential hire pool is varied, so anyone applying should not be deterred at an initial level. Instead, work at the applying process as hard as you would at the job itself and positive results will be seen.

Those with experience working on KBR jobs in Iraq would advise people applying for a first time experience that it is best to expect to begin at the bottom and work your way up, as you would at any job in the U.S. Also, it is best to turn a blind eye to controversial situations and avoid causing issues with the company over things that may be less than acceptable in an average situation. KBR jobs in Iraq involve a lot of companies, and situations are different with each company, so these bits of advice may or may not hold true.

Updated: September 12, 2011.